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Bitter Sweet Day.... [Jun. 7th, 2005|08:38 pm]


[how you feeling? |cheerfulcheerful]
[sound? |*sigh* I stil have to download winamp....]

Well senoir service day oday. Got to school...left, got directions to the wrong plac...in St. Paul for and hour and then went to Maplewood. Did our service, went to school picnic, magic club, acience club...then went with Katie (mountian), Steve, and Lance back to my house. We played video gaems at pizza hng out on my swin set. It was fun.

ANNNND! I got my latop today. Its a Dell Inpiron with centrino. lol thats about all I know. It has a cd/dvd burner. CD/DVD player. And I got a scanner printer (grad present for my grandparents). I should be set for the summer and college.

Plus I can steal close by wireless internet. 0=) lol

I am happy. Allergies are hitting me kinda hard right now...but I feel good! Summer has started. I will make th best out of every situation!