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I've been searching for something that was honestly different from… - ludus_equinus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 22nd, 2005|10:55 pm]
I've been searching for something that was honestly different from all the
"natural training" that's out there. I wanted some way to develop a truly
trusting relationship with my horses but couldn't seem to quite "reach them" no
matter what I did (or didn't do.) Now I know why, and I understand why so many
horse owners are still having so many "problems" with their horses.

I've emailed and talked with the creator (and personal coach) who offers a
unique Distance Learning program with daily email support and guidance. I've
also talked with others who have "tried everything under the sun" before using
Friendship Training and am convinced it is what my horses and I have so
desperately needed all along.

No Round Pens. No whips. No Sticks. No Clickers. No Gadgets. No Gimmicks.

Just a horse and a human developing levels of trust, communication,
understanding and intimacy that many horse owners dream about, but few ever achieve.

If you want to learn the real cause of "horse problems," how to prevent them
and develop that enviable "oneness" with your horse, please visit

http://www.thenaturalhorse.org/ or naturalhorse101@thenaturalhorse.org

[User Picture]From: blumpie
2005-03-22 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you oodles for that. I've ben searching for the perfect way to train a horse, as I'm going to be getting one soon enough. Thanks for posting it. =D
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