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I think I'll be looking for another person to help me out with this once we get more members...With school, finals, LE, an RPG I'm on, and limited internet time, I am not going to be able to make this the prettiest journal in the whole of LJ. If interested, please reply to the post I made. Thanks.

This is a community for anyone who is a member of the best horse sime, Ludus Equinus(LE). Talk about your best horse, post recent personal pics, or just chat with fellow LEers.


1. No harrassing other players. Please, just be nice.

2. If you aren't on LE, and don't care, don't join.

3. Keep what I like to call pretty language to a minimum. You can use that lovely foul mouth of yours a little bit, but lets not make this NC17, okay?

4. Don't post about nothing. You can talk about anything here, so long as you post has a pourpose in life. Don't just post for the sake of posting. You will anger me.

5. I said you can talk about anything. Well, you can, except advertising. I don't want the community flooded with advertisements when there is an Advertisements Board on LE. A small side note about having a horse for sale, or something like that, I am fine with...But not posts only advertising.

6. If you have a huge problem with one of the people on here, just ignore them. Simple as pie. If it comes to it, and they ar ebreaking one of the rules to an extreme, thier post(s) will be deleted and they will be banned(if possible) from this community.

Thanks for reading all the rules :D Just stick to them and you'll make me a happy person.

Note: If you say something about you have a sale or a contest or say message me or something like that, please leave not only your username, but you user number. There are lots of names that are used by several people, and then several people have about two - three accounts. Leaving the user number will prevent lots of unneeded confusion, and make everyone happy.